Our network has custom duels, and within lays so many features just waiting to be explored! Build your own duels maps, use almost any item in the creative menu, fight in free-for-all or duels with your party, change over 20 custom duels settings to create your own mini duels modes! If you're looking for something more competetive, then play one of the six duels modes that all require a different skillset. Crystal, Axe, Sword, Netherite Pot, Diamond Pot, and UHC are the featured modes.



Our network has an expansive manhunt system where you can play either in public with limited customization, or in a party with basically unlimited customization. Play a 1v3 with speed, random block drops, and a small worldborder for a real challenge. Or make the manhunt easier by making the hunter's health only 1 heart! The sky's the limit.


Other Games

Explore one of our 7 alternative gamemodes in Vanilla Minecraft worlds. They all have extensive customization in private mode, but you can still keep to the basics by playing with random's in public mode! Bingo, Block Shuffle, Death Swap, Random Items, Ultimate Tag, Death Shuffle, and Mansave are all available to play.