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Minecraft Manhunt

   Minecraft Multiplayer Manhunt is a gamemode where the speedrunners have a goal: Defeat the ender dragon and win the game! That itself is a daunting task, but it's even harder when the hunters are after you! The hunter always knows where you are with a compass, and might know your next move, so if they kill you, the game is over! You can play with friends casually in Party, or fight for elo in Ranked. The Choice is yours, and get to playing Manhunt!


Block Shuffle

    Two (or more) people join a new survival world and start the challenge. As soon as it starts, each player will be given a block, and they must stand on this given block before the 5 minute timer runs out. If the player has not stood on the block when the 5 minute timer runs out, they are eliminated from the game and now are a spectator. The game continues in rounds until there is one player standing! Luck, skill, and strategy all in one gamemode to play with however many you want!



    Multiple players join a brand new survival world, and the bingo board is given. 25 unique survival challenges that you must complete to win. Play blackout, classic, or other versions of bingo with a party. The first to complete a row of challenges wins the whole game, whether it was diagonal or straight! Maybe you will have to go to the nether, or make an iron golem, or kill yourself. See how fast you can complete a bingo board!


Death Swap

    Two or more players join into a new world, and prepare to swap. Once the countdown counts down to zero, all the players in the game will swap with another. Your objective it to be the last player standing my making the other player's position nearly impossible to survive. PVP is not enabled so no players can just straight up attack others. This game is mostly strategy, but there is some skill as you might have to MLG water bucket in certain situations. A perfect quick gamemode with your friends.



    Pop into a new minecraft world, by yourself or with friends. Practice speedrunning with a highly skilled, AI robot on your trail at all times, trying it's best to kill you. The bot wins if you die, and you win if the ender dragon has been defeated. Be one of the few to actually defeat the terminator and beat the game in this new, singleplayer gamemode. If you are feeling a little cocky, you can spawn in more than one terminators! Make it a 2v2 with a friend, or even a 1v10!


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